Volunteers are the heart of NO/AIDS Task Force. They support paid staff to provide comprehensive assistance for HIV/AIDS affected and/or infected individuals, their families and loved ones. Like our clients, volunteers come from every segment of the community. They share the common bond of providing informative care and counseling for those whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS or who seek education about HIV /AIDS infection and risk reduction

Volunteering with NO/AIDS requires awareness and sensitivity to HIV/AIDS related issues and unconditional understanding of strict confidentiality guidelines. Although compassion, concern and caring go a long way, some areas require volunteers with specific skills, time commitments and specialized knowledge. The volunteer interview will help to answer your questions about the Task Force and volunteer areas while assuring proper placement and quality control for volunteer programs.

NO/AIDS Task Force offers an AIDS Awareness & Volunteer Training workshop which provides insight into the basics of HIV/AIDS. Volunteers are also encouraged to attend in-services, community events and other trainings which will help to provide them with the skills necessary to meet the ever-growing needs of the community.

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NO/AIDS Volunteer Opportunities:

Please note that volunteering for the Hotline, Peer Support, Counseling & Testing and The CAN Project, requires successful completion of the NO/AIDS Task Force’s AIDS Awareness & Volunteer Training and/or additional training is required for these programs.

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Please browse through the volunteer programs above or for more information contact:

Doreen Tollerson
Director of Volunteer Services
(504) 821-2601 ext. 215 – Office
(504) 821-2040 – Fax
Email: doreent@noaidstf.org



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