How to Access Services – your initial visit and what to expect

  Your Initial Visit (94.7 KiB)

To access services, you will need to meet with a case manager to discuss your needs and verify your eligibility. We welcome drop-ins, 8:30 – 5:00, Monday – Friday at our offices located at 2601 Tulane Avenue, 5th floor in New Orleans (MAP). You can also make an appointment by calling 504-821-2601.

When you come for your initial appointment, please bring:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of HIV status
  • Copy of Medicaid, food stamp, ADAP or other private insurance card, if you have them (Note: you don’t need to have insurance to apply for services)
  • List of any current medications
  • Any questions you might want answered

All clients that go through the intake process receive a copy of the agency’s grievance procedure and a copy of the Consumer Rights and Responsibilities.

Parking at the main office (2601 Tulane Avenue)

Park here, in the parking garage

DON’T park here, you’ll get ticketed or towed.

There’s a parking garage attached to main office building at 2601 Tulane. Don’t park next door—in the lot to the left of the building as you face it—you’ll get towed. Give yourself extra time to find a parking place in our garage. If you park on either the first or fourth floor, you can enter the building directly and take the elevator to our 5th floor offices; otherwise you need to take the stairs to the nearest entry floor.

Services Offered:

More information can be obtained about these services by calling 821-2601 and asking for a case manager. Someone is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.. until 5 p.m. to answer questions about the above services or questions in general.

What to Expect:

Once you check in at the front desk, there will be a ten minute (or so) wait before you get in to see a case manager. You can expect your initial case management visit to take up to two hours.

The purpose of your initial visit is to

  • perform a comprehensive assessment of your current situation
  • determine which of our services can help you
  • determine your eligibility for those services
  • determine any outside services that could benefit you, and initiate any referral process those services require

Depending on your level of need, you may be assigned a Medical Case Manager.

Thorough notes are taken during your initial and all subsequent visits with NO/AIDS case managers. So while you may not see the same case manager at subsequent visits, any case manager working with you has a complete file with up to date information on you, your progress, and the services you’re enrolled in.

NO/AIDS offers a variety of services to our clients. Every case is different, and every person who comes to us for help has different needs, timing and resources. Our case managers are here to determine what help YOU need, what help you’re eligible for, and what outside services we can refer you for assistance you need that we don’t provide. Don’t assume we can—or can’t—help you based on someone else’s experience; come in, talk to us, and let us work with you to get you the help you need.

There can be a wait to receive services.

Once we’ve determined that you’re eligible for enrollment in one of our programs, many have a waiting list, and you need to be aware that you may not be able to receive services immediately.

For example:

  • Primary Medical Care: wait time is currently 4-6 weeks to see a medical provider
  • Food Delivery: Wait time is currently 9 months
  • Dental Services: if we refer you for dental services there can be a 2 month wait for an appointment


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